Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A-Z Challenge: T Day

The End. This is a tough one. When do you know when you've reached the end? Do you go for word count and once you pass it, you can finish the story? Or do you plot it out and when you reach a certain point, you're done? What if you aren't a plotter?

I have this bad habit of ending too abruptly, and I always have to go back later and add more so the ending is so harsh. I'm working on it though!


  1. I was shocked at how hard endings were. I thought the middle would be the rough part. Nope. Endings are by far the hardest for me to write.

    1. I love writing the endings, and I really struggle to make the middle not boring. But I never know when I'm actually TO the end. Hahah, it's a conundrum :)