Thursday, April 11, 2013

A-Z Challenge! J Day

Today is J day!

My word for the day JOT. Like, JOT down your thoughts. There have been so many times (usually at night when I'm in bed), that I come up with the most fantastic story ideas or plot line or hole-fixer and I think, "That's so awesome, there's no way I'm going to forget that."

And then I do.

However, when it's really important, apparently my subconcious takes over for me. I'm writing a battle unicorn story right now, and one morning I came upstairs to see a whole page of handwritten notes about the white unicorn. I didn't write them before I went to bed. I don't remember writing them. But there they are, in my handwriting. Well played, brain. Well played.

I have friends who carry around small notebooks with them wherever they go. I think that's an awesome idea! I have an app on my smartphone, but it takes me so long to type anything in that I don't even bother. Maybe I'm too old for apps. Who knows.

What kinds of methods do you use to JOT down your ideas/thoughts? Anything I haven't thought of?


  1. I try to write them in notebooks, but more often than not, I jot them down on random bits of paper.

    1. I do that too, but then I lose them :) Desperately need to be more organized!

  2. The hand works, if I can find a pen. Then I have to remember to transcribe the notes under the same limitations.


  3. I haven't developed the habit of jotting down thoughts - it would be helpful . . if i only would.

    I do remember every "jot and tiddle" of some texts are considered vital
    and, to answer your question from my heart - I tell myself - out loud - to please remember something - and - I do.
    Happy A to Z!

  4. I should "jot" things down more often. My memory is like a sieve these days. Just passing through from Smurfin' The Web, thanks for stopping by my place earlier. =)

  5. I always think of the scriptural reference: a jot and a tittle.

  6. I jot down some things on my phone's memo pad when I remember, but you're right, it takes longer than writing it down on a notebook.
    I should really take the time to do it more often. It's nice to be reminded. Thank you.
    Silvia @ Silvia Writes

  7. A notebook by the bed works for me, I hate it when you think of a really great idea when trying to get to sleep, you always forget it...always.