Sunday, June 25, 2017

With These Wings is Live!!

With These Wings is super close to my heart and I put off publishing this one for two years because I loved it so much. Who says I can't face my fears (as I'm hiding under the covers). 
It's on sale for 99 pennies, but ONLY for three days, then it goes up to regular price of 2.99. If you're gonna get it, grab it fast ;)
Here are all the pretties and all the links and the things! I hope you love this one--I think it's my best! 
AND if you leave a review this week, let me know and I'll enter you to win a $10.00 gift card!

Get it HERE

Seventeen-year-old Phoenyx was taken by the aliens who were supposed to save humanity. But Phoenyx didn’t die. She escaped.
 Changed, different. Terrifying.
Now she protects the people she used to call neighbors and friends, despite the fact that they don’t trust her. She looks like the aliens—beautiful, strong, and winged. And that’s why those she protects want her dead.
She doesn’t blame them.
All the while, she’s searching for Cole, the boy whose arms she was ripped from the night she was taken. When he shows up at their compound with a new love, everything Phoenyx has been fighting for is turned on its head, and she has to figure out what side she’s really on and who she really is before she loses herself completely.
Never trust beautiful things.