Thursday, April 18, 2013

A-Z Challenge: P Day

Plot. Basically the single most important part of a story. OR IS IT?

I've read lots of books where the plot was freaking amazing. But the writing was so lackluster that I couldn't finish it. Or the characters were so cliche that it wasn't believable and I've always thought, dang. What a waste.

And then there are stories with fabulous writing and the plot isn't so great, but I still love them. So maybe plot isn't all-important. Although to have an incredible story, it makes sense that you need it all - awesome plot, fantastic characters, and incredible writing.


  1. To me characters are usually more important than the plot. The plot could be an over done one, but as long as it has awesome characters, I'll still enjoy the book. But if the plot is really unique and the characters aren't believable then I'll end up not liking it much. The characters are what makes you connect to the book, without it there is no investment.

  2. Plot is important but I think a story needs more than just a solid plot. If I don't relate to the characters I'm not going to finish the story, even if it has a brilliant plot. Simply Sarah

  3. Plot or characters--the answer to the age-old debate is going to depend on whether you're a plot person or a character person. Far better to have both.

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