Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feudling Bonuses!

The story came to be because I was reading my daughters a princess story and the princess had to have a boy help her climb out of a window. I was furious. I was like, this is the role model I'm giving my daughters? I started daydreaming about a girl who did all the saving, who was stronger than the boys, and Ari was born.
1) Shane got his name because that's what I wanted to name Carson but Blair has a cousin named Shane.
2)Charity was my imaginary best friend growing up.
3)Hunter is based on Heath Miller (from the Pittsburgh Steelers), but his attitude is all Blair.
4)Livi is me ;)
5)All the players from the Pittsburgh Steelers make a cameo in the book. Harrison, one of my favorites, is in all the books except maybe Sight. 6)Will's best friend is Hines Ward.
7)Franklin, Ari's step-dad, is named after the turtle Franklin, because my daughter was obsessed with that show when I was writing and I hate it.

Shattered Assassin Bonuses (SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Shattered Assassin bonuses! (Spoilers ahead!) So what did you guys think of the twist? Did you see it coming?
1) King William is based on Blair's grandpa, who I absolutely adore. I didn't realize until I was half-way through the story.
2) Nakomi is based on my German Shepherd, Sadie. Sadie was with me when I was 6-8 months pregnant and living alone. She went with me to Texas, then back to Utah, then to Alaska, then back to Utah. She was my best friend and constant companion. She was hit by a truck in front of my parents' house and I couldn't save her.
3) This story was based on a dream I had. I liked that she was tiny and deadly.
4) Shattered Assassin was the 2nd book I ever wrote, after Feudlings. My critique partners told me it was so awful I should throw it away. So I did. But I loved Nakomi too much so I dug it back out and re-wrote it.
5) Benjamin and Crystali are my niece and nephew
6) It isn't directly mentioned, but Kazia has lupus. I re-wrote this as I was being diagnosed with lupus. It helped me to feel more in control of this terrifying disease.
7) I stole the name Kazia from a girl at work. I had just met her. Luke is one of my favorites, and Nakomi and the baby wolf I got by Googling ancient wolf names.