• Do you own a unicorn?

I own many unicorns. But they're all figurines or stuffed animals. I do not own a real life magical unicorn. And I am very sad.

  • What order should I read your books in?

I have two separate series, one book that is in a group series, and two stand alones. You can read the standalones first, or the Riders of Paradesos first, or whatever you would like. Within the individual series, this is the order I recommend :)
To see the complete list and order of each series, go to My Books page here.

  • Where can I buy signed copies of your book?
You can buy my print books directly from me! Just send me a message and we'll work out the details. I accept payments through paypal, so it's super easy.
  • Where do you get your story ideas?
A lot come from dreams. Some come from songs. Some come from me being frustrated that girls are always so wimpy in books and I want to create strong female characters for my daughters to look up to (since I'm pretty small and wimpy myself). Some come because I want to show that real friendships and real, healthy and good relationships still exist.

  • You own a lot of shoes. Which ones are your favorite?
I own some red platform heels with corsetting up the back that I absolutely love. My favorite pair of boots are black, knee high, and have pink lacing up the front and back, sort of steam-punk style. They make me happy.

  • You talk about football in all your books. We get it already--you like football! Who is your favorite team?
The Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though I want to strangle them sometimes. Sadly, football is the only sport I watch.

  • How do you go from idea to finished draft so dang fast?
I don't sleep. Haha, just kidding. I sleep all the time. I think the biggest thing for me is that when I get a story idea, I obsess over it. I daydream it, create the characters in my head, know everything about them--all before I even start typing. So when I do start typing, the story is there, and I just have to get it out of my head and onto paper. Also, when I'm obsessed, I don't sleep. Sometimes when I'm super excited for a story, I'll sleep about five hours a week so I have time to write. Which leads me to my next question...

  • How do you balance family life and work?
That one is my biggest challenge. I have three little ones, two of whom are in school, and my teeny tiny is in preschool for 6 hours a week. So I write while they're at school, but I also have another full-time job and I coach tennis and cross country. I don't do much writing during the day, although I'll try to do all my social media/blog/marketing/returning emails during the day. At night, after the kids go to bed is when I do my best writing. I like quiet. And I write better when no one is throwing toys at my head.

  • Your covers are amazing. Do you have much say in them?
In my two self-published titles, I had almost complete say. But even with my AP titles, we're given quite a bit of input, and my cover designer was amazing to work with. So patient. She didn't try to kill me even once!

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  1. This great, Wendy!! Thanks for posting it. Five hours of sleep. Plus coaching cross country and tennis...wow, that's amazing. :-)