My Books

~Girls are the heroes of their own stories~ 

Fate on Fire Series:

Feudlings Fate on Fire book one
Feudlings in Flames Fate on Fire book two
Feudlings in Sight Fate on Fire Novella
Feudlings in Smoke Fate on Fire Novella
Spark of a Feudling: Fate on Fire prequel
Feudlings in Peace: Bonus Story
(in the back of Spark of a Feudling)

Riders of Paradesos Series:

Warrior Beautiful: Riders of Paradesos, Book 1
Warrior Everlasting: Riders of Paradesos, Book 2
Warrior Innocent: Riders of Paradesos, Book 3
Coming Soon

Gates of Atlantis Series:

Banshee at the Gate, Book 3

Stand Alones:

Shattered Assassin
The Soul's Agent

Rocker Boy
Star Crossed Hurricane

Transformation: The Brush of a Feather

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