Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Storymakers Recap--Warning-tons of pics!

This past weekend, I went to the Storymakers Writer's Conference here in Utah. Utah has a HUGE writing community, and we have a few really awesome conferences a year. I like them all for different reasons--some are more for networking, some are for learning...speaking of--I took a horror writing class from J. Scott Savage that was SO AWESOME, and a creating an author brand from Ali Cross that were both phenomenal. They were my favorites.
But for me, the best part of these conferences is getting to see my writing friends. We talk a lot online, but it's more awesome to see them in person. So, despite my fear of cameras, I take lots of pictures :)
Four Astraea Press Authors in one place!

Dauntless girls. We are spectacular

Isn't she cute? Mindy Holt was in charge of the Whitney Awards

Rebecca Rodes, Marcia Mickelson, me, and Jaclyn Weist. We were signing table buddies

Um, yeah, so that's Jaclyn and I with Brandon Sanderson. He's thrilled at our fangirling, obviously

Me, Donna Weaver, and Amber Argyle. We're super cute.

So glad Tara came to find me. It was awesome to meet her!

Some of my most favorite people ever. We're only missing Lindzee Armstrong. Someone photoshop her in!

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  1. Reading this made me wish I'd taken more pics. Seeing everyone was probably my favorite part too. :) Which reminds me, I still need to get my recap up.