Monday, April 14, 2014

Meet The Character Monday--Neveah

Neveah is the very first friend Ari makes when she gets to her new school in Park City in Feudlings. I adore her. People ask all the time who inspired my characters, and most of them have a little of someone I know in them. But not Nev. She's all her own, and she and Livi nearly took over the story AND they've found their way into my Riders of Paradesos series, too. She's spunky, fiery, a flirt, and yet she has no desire at all to be tied down to some boy. She's got goals in life and despite a pretty hard childhood, she's upbeat and doesn't judge.

Meet Nev:

Name: Neveah

Age: 17

Book/Series: Feudlings/Fate on Fire with cameos in Warrior Innocent

Job: Student, friend maker, fiercely loyal sidekick. Driver of getaway cars

Hometown: Saint George, Utah

Family: Nev's dad died when she was young. She has one older brother and her mom. They live with Livi and Livi's mom to help make ends meet, so Nev and Livi are more like sisters than best friends.

Appearance: 5'5", African-American. Big brown eyes, long black hair in hundreds of braids. Slender but is definitely not the athletic type.

Best Friend: Nev is insanely popular. She makes friends with everyone, and she's not afraid to keep people in line. She's very close with Ari and Charity and Hunter and Shane, but Livi holds this girl's best friend spot. They were raised together and they held tight to each other when life got hard.

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