Monday, April 28, 2014

Meet the Character Monday-Livi!!

Livi is one of my favorite characters to write, I think partly because her voice and character is so unique and different from everyone else in any of my books. Livi, even though she's a teenager, is still excited about life. She's super enthusiastic and bubbly and, like Nev, open and friendly and loyal.

What a lot of people don't know is Livi is based on my oldest daughter. She's only eleven, so hormones and stuff haven't made her completely insane yet. It's a side that not very many people get to see of her, because she's very shy, but it's my favorite. So I captured it and put it into Livi.

Meet Livi:

Name: Olivia aka Livi

Age: 17

Book/Series: Feudlings/Fate on Fire

Hometown: Saint George, Utah

Family: Livi's dad left when she was little. Her mom and Nev's mom were best friends, so they moved in together to help make ends meet. So Livi grew up having her very best friend as a sister. She's technically an only child, but she claims Nev and Nev's brother as her siblings.

Appearance: 5'1", long brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. Super tiny and petite, and very bouncy.

Best Friend: Nev! Livi's adorable and everyone loves her, but Nev is the one who protects her and keeps her from getting hurt. They stick together through the hard times and the good times and don't let any guys ruin their friendship.

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