Monday, April 21, 2014

Meet the Character Monday-Dani!

Here's the thing about Dani. She was supposed to be sort of a tortured bad guy--I mean, she does betray Will and Ari, right? But as I was writing her, she didn't fit that idea. She took on a life of her own and ended up saving the day in not one, but two Feudlings books. I LOVE Dani. Because she was put in the most impossible of situations--save your little brother by betraying the Prodigy, or let him die.

I don't know how anyone could make that decision. But Dani was smart. She knew Ari couldn't be killed. She knew that if Ari had a say in the matter, she'd give herself up. So she saved her brother and put all her trust in Will, knowing he would save his sister.

It wasn't until Dani was written and Feudlings was released that I met the real live person that Dani seemed to be based on without me even meeting her yet. She happens to be on the bravest, sweetest people I know, and she looks exactly like I pictured Dani in my head. So when I wrote Feudlings in Smoke, I kept her mind a lot.

Here's my Dani

Name: Dani

Age: 26

Book/Series: Feudlings in Smoke/Fate on Fire

Job: Computer programmer for Will's company. Friend/girlfriend/Carules warrior.

Hometown: Wilcox, Arizona

Family: Her parents are high up in the Carules ranks. She has a ten-year-old little brother who stays with his parents. After Feudlins, her family comes to live in Will's colony, where they're protected.

Appearance: 5'9". Shoulder length Dark brown hair, brown eyes. She's tall and slender, as are most sorcerers in the Feudlings series.

Best Friend: Dani is friends with everyone in the colony. She's fiercely loyal and a hard worker, so everyone loves her. But Will, always, is her best friend.


  1. Love this back story on Dani. I love Will and he deserves someone worthy of him.

  2. Awwww.... you based her on me ;)

  3. Love it! Lol I'm blushing! Haha

  4. Sounds like a sweet connection... our Dani's the best...

  5. Thats the Dani I know and love!