Monday, March 31, 2014

Meet the Character Monday -- Will!

Will was inspired by my imaginary twin brother growing up. My siblings are all lots older than me, and there weren’t a lot of kids in our neighborhood, so I invented a brother to play with. All these long years later, I finally had an opportunity to bring that imaginary brother to life in Will. He’s strong, loyal, caring, funny and sarcastic. Even though he's trapped in a colony, hunted by his own family, and unwilling to put his personal life first, he's never bitter. He is the tie that holds Ari to her humanity when she feels like she's a monster.

"I'm an uber-powerful warrior. I don't need a babysitter. I need a brother who reminds me that I'm not a monster. Who loves me and always has my back. Who reminds me that I still have hope. If not for you, I would be lost. Remember that, Will." ~ Ari, Feudlings in Smoke

This is how I picture Will in my head, except with red and black hair

Meet Will:

Name: William Langley Delacour

Age: 27

Book Series: Fate on Fire/Feudlings in Smoke

Job: Computer Programmer. Will owns his own company and employs most of his colonists. He's also Guard to the Edren Prodigy, his sister Ari. 

Hometown: He was born in Pennsylvania and lived there until he was 17, when he refused to fight in the war and the Family threw him out and then started hunting him. He made his home in a protected colony in Washington, where no one but Ari can get in or out without a saldepement spell.

Appearance: 6'1". Lanky, with wild red and black hair and brown eyes. 

Best Friend: Ari, first. Dani, although he's in love with her and can't admit it. And Ward, the colony's most powerful healer.

Girlfriend: Dani, or at least he would like her to be, but the war and protecting Ari comes first.

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