Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meet the Character Monday--on Tuesday--Trey!!!

So yesterday I had a school visit. And then, because I went to the school visit while I had mono, I came home and got really sick.


I'm so sorry. *hangs head in shame*

So I'm posting it on Tuesday. Let's all pretend I actually posted it yesterday and I'm not a slacker.

Meet Trey!

Trey is my most favorite boy I've written. I adore how much he loves Scout, how he keeps hoping even though it's killing him, how he'll go to the ends of the earth (literally) for her. I love how tortured he is, and how loyal. Plus, he's super cute.

This is what he looks like in my head:
Yes. It's Colin Farrel. I love him. I also don't know how to spell his name.

Name: Trey

Age: 17

Book/Series: Warrior Beautiful/Riders of Paradesos

Hometown: Columbia Falls, Montana

Family: He has awesome parents and two younger brothers. All three boys look almost identical, but as the oldest, Trey is still the biggest and he reminds them of that constantly. He thinks his brothers are a pain, but when they get taken by the soul stealers, Trey is devastated and will do anything to save them.

Appearance: 6', broad, big football player. Spiky black hair, dark brown eyes. He always wears nine leather bands on his wrist for reasons unknown (until Warrior Everlasting, when they are explained.)

Best Friend: Cole. He's the running back for the football team. He's also taken by the soul stealers, as are most everyone in their town--as punishment for Trey and Scout helping Iros.

Girlfriend: Kylin. She's small, blond, and a fashionista who has one pet peeve--Scout. For good reason, since pretty much the entire world knows Kylin's boyfriend is still in love with his ex-girlfriend.


  1. Are your books ever going to be made into audiobooks?

    1. Well...they keep telling me they are...