Monday, March 24, 2014

Meet the Character Monday--Charity!!

Ready to meet our resident Seer? When I created Charity, I basically put every single thing I've ever wanted in a best friend into her. She's incredibly loyal. She only sees the good in people, and she never gives up on them, no matter how hard they push her away. Plus, she's kind and sweet, but she has a killer sense of humor that you never see coming. And she won't back down, even from Hunter's temper. This girl definitely has a backbone!

Her only flaw is that she's been told her whole life that she's a worthless seer. That she has no real magic. And it takes Ari to show her that she's probably the most powerful seer ever, she just, ironically, can't see it.

Meet Charity:

Name: Charity Delyle

Age: 17

Book Series: Fate on Fire/Feudlings in Smoke

Job: Student. Seer. Cousin to the Prodigy. Best friend. Mediator when Hunter and Ari try to kill each other.

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan.

Family: She was taken from her family when she was a baby and raised by the Carules Council. Her parents gave her up because they were so ashamed that she had no magical ability, and they named her Charity after the seer who had the prophesy of the war and refused to try to stop it. She is Shane's cousin, although they're super close--more like sister and brother.

Appearance: 5'6", super slender. Big silver eyes, white blond hair.

Best Friend: Before Ari, she had many friends but not a best friend. Nev and Olivia were her closest friends, except for Hunter and Shane and they had to be. But once Ari came, she quickly took the spot and stayed there for forever.

Boyfriend: Eventually, Hunter, although it takes super extreme measures before he'll realize that protecting Shane and following the war isn't the only thing in life he can have.