Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet the Character Monday -- Lil Bit

Lil Bit is the most adorable little character ever. From Warrior Beautiful, she's eleven, looks like she's eight, and is treated like she's six. In almost every scene I write with this girl, I end up with goosebumps or chills.

Lil Bit is "special". Her parents and teachers think she's crazy because she sees things. Monsters, unicorns. Things no one else can see. Only her big sister, Scout, believes her and tries to protect her, but even Scout can't save her from the demons.
Only the unicorns can do that.

I love Lil Bit because she's tiny, but she's wise beyond her years and then suddenly she's right back to being a little girl. She gives Ashra and Scout strength when they don't have any of their own. She believes in the good of all people, no matter what they've done. Basically, Lil Bit is my hope and faith in humanity, all rolled up into one little girl.

Name: Veronica. AKA: Lil Bit:

Age: Eleven

Book Series: Warrior Beautiful/Riders of Paradesos

Job: Little Sister. She warns of the demons coming and is thought by the unicorns to be the great warrior who will lead them to the end of the war. Believer in good, giver of strength.

Hometown: Colombia Falls, MT

Family: Two parents who think she's the golden child, but also think she's crazy. One big sister who thinks she's the greatest thing ever.

Appearance: 3'9", slender, big brown eyes, thick lashes. Dark brown hair. Looks like her daddy.

Best Friend: Scout. And the mysterious white unicorn that even Paradesos has never heard of.

Boyfriend: Not for at least twenty years, or so Scout says.

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