Wednesday, June 25, 2014

100 Word Wednesday--Reluctantly, he handed over the key

I have been MIA for about a month because I've started these awesome new meds for my lupus, but they make me super sleepy. So...I slept. For about a month ;) BUT I'm back and here's my post for 100 word Wednesday. Don't forget to check out how the other authors did it!

The Prompt:

Reluctantly he handed over the key

Here's my take: 
Reluctantly he handed over the key. “Are you sure you want to know what’s on the other side of that door? It hasn’t been opened for centuries.”
She nodded grimly. “This tomb holds my ancestors. That means it might hold the answers to saving my son. I don’t care if there are demons on the other side of that door, for him, I’ll face them.”
She didn’t know he loved her. It didn’t matter—for her, he would face demons, too. Or whatever else might be waiting for them.

Raising his holy water, he nodded as she turned the key.

Now see how everyone else did it!


  1. I love how they are both motivated by love regardless of whether the person they are active for knows it.

  2. Pretty powerful what you will do for love. Nice work.

  3. I love these characters already! So what next??? :D

  4. I loved this, makes me want to know what' next especially since I know you could create something amazing beyond that door.

  5. A little romance, a little creepy--just right!

  6. I loved this! It has romance, suspense, and action. Great work!

  7. Ah! I want more. I love the idea of a priest being in love with this woman. :) Great start to something.