Monday, February 17, 2014

Meet the Characters Monday -- Scout!

Today, I'm introducing Scout. She's the main character from the Riders of Paradesos series. She's pretty much Ari's exact opposite. She's small and physically broken and has no magic of her own, but she has an indomitable spirit and she will not give up. The one thing they both have in common is their fierce loyalty to their family and loved ones.

This is what Scout looks like in my head

Scout has a lot of my personality. She's non-confronational. She's quirky (Yes, that's what I am, quirky. Not weird). She holds on to emotional pain like it can save her...she can definitely hold a grudge! Her ex-boyfriend, Trey, left her in a hospital for three months when he almost killed her in a car accident, and no matter how much she loves him or how sorry he is, she can not forgive him.

But she's way cooler than I am. She has a really special bond with her little sister, Lil Bit. She also has an open mind and an ability to soothe even the most angry of battle unicorns. And when the time comes that she needs to ride into battle on mythical beasts that only the innocent can see? She doesn't hesitate for a second. This girl sees what has to be done and does it.

That's why I love her.

SO. Meet Scout:

Age: 17

Book/Series: Warrior Beautiful/Riders of Paradesos

Job: Unicorn Rider, specifically Ashra's rider. Saver of the innocents' souls. Student competing for the highest GPA in her school against her ex-boyfriend, Trey.

Hometown: Colombia Falls, Montana

Family: She has two parents and a little sister, Lil Bit, who "sees" things and has been treated like she's half insane her entire life. Only Scout treats her like the gifted soul that she is, and when Lil Bit sees the coming demons, only Scout can try to save them all. Only, Scout can't fight them alone and the unicorns show up late.

Appearance: 5'6". Athletic, slender--she's a dancer. Long, honey brown hair and sea green eyes.

Best Friend: Lil Bit and Ashra.

Boyfriend: Trey is her ex-boyfriend, but she can't get over him, no matter how hard she tries.

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  1. Okay, somehow I missed that your blog URL changed and I haven't been getting your posts on feedly! That changed now. :) Anyway, I LOVE Scout and I can't wait to read more about her in the sequel!