Monday, February 10, 2014

Meet the Characters Monday--Ari!

I'm starting this new thing on my blog. Every Monday I'll introduce you to one of my characters. I stole the idea from my sweet friend R.K. Grow. You can check out her blog here.

So OF COURSE my first character is going to be Ari. She's the one who started it all, right? Without Ari, there would be no Feudlings. Without Feudlings, I wouldn't have had the confidence to write Warrior Beautiful. So it only makes sense that we begin with her.

Ari was born because I was reading my two daughters a story about a princess who was trapped in a tower. Instead of rescuing herself, the princess asked a dragon to go get a BOY who then climbed in the window of the tower and helped the princess climb back out. I was SO ANNOYED that I stewed about this for days, and my stewing became a daydream about a girl who was tough enough to beat ALL THE BOYS.


And how I love her. When I was writing Ari, I borrowed her strength. When the lady at the bank yelled at me, instead of running off to hide (which I normally do), I yelled back. I stood up for myself. I had a backbone.

SO. Meet Ari

Full Name: Arianna Delacour
Age: 17
Book/Series: Feudlings/Fate on Fire
Job: Edren Prodigy--Strongest sorcereress to ever live. Has to kill or be killed by the Carules Prodigy to end a three-hundred-year war. Also, high school student.
Hometown: She has a permanent home in Pennsylvania with The Family. But she's grown up in boarding schools all over the world, and home to her is her brother's colony in Washington more than any other place.
Appearance: 5'10". Tall, slender, black hair with red streaks. Big brown eyes.
Best Friend: Charity Delyle
Boyfriend: Shane Delyle (The Carules Prodigy)

Ari isn't afraid of anything. She says what she thinks. Everything she does is 110%. But she's been hurt a lot and doesn't trust easily. The one person in the world she feels safe with is her big brother, Will. She struggles with the fact that she's her grandfather's assassin and feels like she's a monster. She LOVES football and has a boot fetish.

Meet Ari on Facebook! She's got her own page :)

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