Thursday, December 19, 2013

Feudlings is on Amazon's top 100 books for 2013!!!

This has been a tough month. Lots of health issues, lots of family issues. My writing has suffered. I'm a slacker. And I'm a drama queen, so of COURSE I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself (It's a drama queen thing. Really), when one of my sweet friends and fellow author at Astraea Press pointed out the most exciting thing ever.

Fuedlings has made it onto Amazon's top 100 books for 2013 in the Teens and Children's category.

Amazon 2013 Top 100 in Kids and Teens

She posted it on one of our pages. I read it, and she was so excited, and I couldn't figure out why because, as previously mentioned, I stay off Amazon and I thought this was just another rank that comes and goes hourly. But she used Unicorns and Popcorn in her post, so I figured it must be bigger than I suspected. So I checked again.

It was.

This is for the entire year. This doesn't change. Feudlings is ON THAT LIST forever. There are a gazillion books published on Amazon each year, and the YA market is huge. So for Feudlings to make that list...I was completely blown away. And very excited. And now I go back to the link and stare at my pretty book on that list and wonder how this is possible. And I squeal. A lot.

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