Tuesday, October 22, 2013

In Which I Come Clean

I just signed my sixth and seventh contracts--almost exactly one year from the time I signed my first contract. Hurraaaaaaay!
 *happy dance*

But I must come clean. People tell me I'm on fire, or that it's amazing how much I've written in such a short amount of time. And sort of, I have. Really. I have.
But here's the thing--Feudlings took me two years to write, and one year to find someone who wanted to publish it. In that time, there was A LOT of rejection. And how do I deal with rejection? I hide from it--in my writing.
So I wrote. Lots and lots during that year. I wrote Feudlings in Flames. I wrote Shattered Assassin (a lovely story that is so messed up that I probably will never publish it. But it's got a giant wolf in it. It's awesome). And then I signed the contract for Feudlings and I was so excited and so ready to start on the next step of my writing journey...and there wasn't anything to do. Apparently, it takes editors time to actually, ya know, edit.
So I wrote more. And the more I wrote, the faster I got, and the more confident I was. So I published 4 1/2 (one was a short story) novels this year, but two of them were already written, and the rest were already in my head.
Next year, I'm also hoping for five novels. I have a short story and a full-length already contracted. I have the sequel to Warrior Beautiful well on its' way (oh all right. It's got 7,000 words written so far).

And here's the other thing--the real reason that I put out so many stories. I have SO MANY ideas in my head, so many wonderful characters and I want to get them all out on paper before I forget because I'm so uber-forgetful, so I write as fast as I can, finishing one story at midnight and starting the next at 6 am. I don't take breaks very often. I don't take vacations. I am driven to get these stories out of my head and onto paper. Some people can write the plot down and it will wait patiently for them.
Mine won't.
So. Now you know my secrets. Not all of my secrets, because that would just be awkward. But some. You know some of my secrets.

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  1. Man all those voices in your head! :) You have had a great year. I hope t catch up on all the reading I need to do before you release your next 5 books!