Friday, June 21, 2013

Feudlings in Sight Excerpt!!!

I hope you like it!

Charity watched them practice the spells for an hour, first just trying to get it right and then igniting it and pushing it away from them. The fire spread out like a flat flame-thrower. “That is cool,” Hunter said. “Nice job, Charity. We’ll definitely use that one day.”
Charity suddenly felt the two strands — from her heart and her mind, tangling around each other, frantically trying to grab the vision that appeared, uncalled for.
A girl, tall, warrior-like, with black boots and red and black hair. She was…protecting Charity. No, not exactly. She was fighting to get to Charity, screaming like a banshee. The field was buried in smoke and ash and dead bodies. Charity hurt. Her arm hurt, and she looked down to see it hanging at an awkward angle at her side. She was surrounded by Carules warriors, but somehow she sensed that they were the bad guys, and the girl, the majestic warrior who threw Edren flames, was trying to save her. Charity tried to step back, to see more of the landscape without losing the vision. She’d never done this before, and her invisible hands holding the threads shook with effort. The girl held Shane’s hand, and together they traced the spell — alable, throwing bright purple flames. Hunter fought like a demon behind them, with another boy who looked remarkably like the girl.
“Charity! Look out!” Charity’s eyes snapped open in time to see Hunter diving at her, red Edren flames shooting past her face. Her scream was cut short as he tackled her, cradling her head in his big hands as they rolled over and over through the dirt. She felt old metal cut her back and her legs, heard Shane swearing and yelling, and then Hunter pulled her to her feet. “Run!” he bellowed.
She spun away, sprinting through the field toward the abandoned building and beyond, the Council headquarters. Risking a glance over her shoulder, she saw a tall, blonde Edren leading several warriors as they attacked Shane and Hunter.
They weren’t trained. They didn’t know how to fight, and Shane might not be killed but Hunter could. She closed her eyes, praying, trying to send a vision, something.
Seconds later, Carules warriors exploded from behind the building in front of her, swarming past her. A portal opened next to Shane and he was pulled through by the Council, fighting their hands every step of the way.
“Hunter, come on!” Charles bellowed.
Hunter ignored him. He whirled around and raced toward Charity, grabbing her wrist as he caught up to her. But the doorway had already snapped shut so he pulled her recklessly through the warehouse back alley. There, in the shadows, he stopped, breathing hard, and peered around the corner, watching the field. “We’re chasing them into that old car factory,” he said breathlessly.
Charity shook like a small dog in a hurricane. Wrapping her arms around herself, she backed against the wall and sank to the ground. Hunter was bleeding profusely from his back, and he was burned in several places. “You got hit,” she murmured slowly.
“Yeah, a little. Shane can heal me.” Hunter mumbled, distracted by the battle in front of him.
Charity buried her head in her knees, willing herself to get up and escape back to the Council headquarters. But she was so tired, and something nagged at her memory…the vision she’d had before the attack. She couldn’t remember a thing about it.

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