Monday, June 10, 2013

Cover Reveal!!! Kelly Martin's Deception of Devin Miller

OMG Look at this fabulous cover for my dear friend Kelly Martin's new book, releasing next month!!!

TA DA!!!
Wanna know more? Look, look!

One month ago, seventeen year old Devin Miller wrecked while intoxicated—or so she’s told by the very aggravated blue-eyed boy when she wakes up from a coma. The only thing Devin remembers is the darkness holding her down and the voices-- some happy, some upset, and one very agitated. She can't remember her name, her age, where she lives, or who in the world the blue-eyed boy is. But he knows who she is, and against her better judgment, she offers to pay him for his memories so she can trick the ones closest to her into thinking she's fine. That is her first mistake.

When Devin gets home, things start to spiral out of control. People she doesn't know keep talking to her. Trey doesn't show up like he's supposed too. And the police want to talk to her about her involvement with the car accident. Plus she keeps seeing flashes of the accident, but none of them make sense. What would a red plastic cup have to do with anything?

Facing DUI charges for a wreck she can't recall, Devin fights to remember exactly what happened the night of the crash: something the real driver desperately wants her to forget permanently.
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  1. Hmmm I think I would start with praying. And aside from that, I would go with my gut feeling.

    This book sounds fantastic!

    ~Konstanz Silverbow

  2. Thank you, Konstanz :) I'm pretty proud of it and can't wait until it's released!

  3. Sounds like a thrilling read. I don't know why books about people missing some of their memory are such a draw to me, but I love them!