Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feudling Bonuses!

The story came to be because I was reading my daughters a princess story and the princess had to have a boy help her climb out of a window. I was furious. I was like, this is the role model I'm giving my daughters? I started daydreaming about a girl who did all the saving, who was stronger than the boys, and Ari was born.
1) Shane got his name because that's what I wanted to name Carson but Blair has a cousin named Shane.
2)Charity was my imaginary best friend growing up.
3)Hunter is based on Heath Miller (from the Pittsburgh Steelers), but his attitude is all Blair.
4)Livi is me ;)
5)All the players from the Pittsburgh Steelers make a cameo in the book. Harrison, one of my favorites, is in all the books except maybe Sight. 6)Will's best friend is Hines Ward.
7)Franklin, Ari's step-dad, is named after the turtle Franklin, because my daughter was obsessed with that show when I was writing and I hate it.

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