Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cauldron Bubble Countdown

Continuing on in our Cauldron Bubble Countdown, here's your first snippet :) It releases October 11th!
In walked the most gorgeous girl Quin had ever seen. Long, long black hair fell in waves to her waist, huge blue eyes, and the body of a goddess. He heard Aaron make a strangled noise next to him, but he couldn’t take his eyes from the girl who now stood next to Mr. Zornes, waiting for him to be able to speak.
He had to clear his throat twice more before he could make any words. “Destiny. Hello, I’ve been expecting you. I had your sister in here a couple classes ago.”
“She has a sister!” Aaron whispered, too loudly.
The blue, blue eyes turned toward him, a perfect eyebrow arched. “Yeah. But she has a boyfriend,” she whispered back.
The class erupted in laughter while Aaron smiled like an idiot. “It’s okay. I still got you.”
She smirked. “You really don’t.”
“Thank you, Destiny. Take an empty seat anywhere. We’ve got some experiments planned, but feel free to watch for today.”
Destiny moved away, starting for the only empty seat in the class— right in front of Quin. Suddenly, he loved his life.
“Don’t worry, Mr. Zornes,” she said as she dropped her bag next to her chair. “I’m much more responsible with chemicals than Fate is.”
Quin leaned forward. “Is Fate your sister?”
Destiny glanced at him and back down to her bag, but her eyes jerked back up, widening. Her cheeks pinked just a bit.
Quin smiled.
Another arched brow, and she nodded. “Yes. Fate is my sister.”
“The heavens saw fit to grant us two of you,” Aaron crowed.
She frowned. “No. There is only one of me and one of her. We’re not clones.”
“Is she the one who blew up the classroom?” Quin asked.
Destiny sighed, finally freeing a notebook and pencil from her bag. As she slid into her seat, she nodded. “Probably. She thinks it’s funny.”


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