Monday, October 13, 2014

Raif and Me: Part 2

So. This happened.
My two favorite friends and I started a pass around writing experiment. Leah Sanders started the story, then passed it on to me. Next week, Kelly Martin will take her turn, and then it will go back to Leah until the story is done. Each week, one of us will post the next section. See how fun?!

For Part ONE, check out Leah's blog post HERE
(Yes. Her blog is way cooler than mine. Mine won't let me change the font. Or the colors. Or...anything. My blog is possessed. And it haunts me.)

"He's moving," I hissed into the darkness. But no, I was not, as I know you assume, talking to myself. I was, in fact, talking to the bosses. The little transmitter attached to my collar made sure they were always listening. Always listening.

And lucky me, the little bug in my ear made sure I could hear them, too. "What? What do you mean, he's moving? He never moves on Friday!"

I rolled my eyes. "No kidding," I muttered. Their sharp intake of breath, simultaneous, as always, told me they had heard that, too. I winced, because I would pay for that little bit of sarcasm. Later.

But not now.

Now, I slid from shadow to shadow, watching Raif do the same. Trick or Treaters were everywhere, little ghosts and super heroes and witches and princesses. And monsters, of course, because what would Halloween be, without monsters?

Little did they know, there was a monster hunter in their midst.

And a real live monster, dressed in black and not carrying his book, set on seeking his own revenge.

"Justice," I heard him saying, over and over, timed with each step. "Justice. Justice. Justice."

Sometime next week, Kelly Martin will post the next installment. Check out her blog at


  1. Sudden Raif sounds so sinister... and slightly insane. ;)

  2. Slightly insane lol. I love this story.