Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 Reasons I love being a writer

Being a writer is my dream job. Ever wondered why? Ahem.
I give you:

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Writer
1.  Nightmares? They’re not so scary when I make them into stories.
2.  Non-nightmares can be scary once I bring them to life. Bwahahahha.
3.  Covers. Sometimes I create a whole story just because I found a picture I love and can already envision my cover.
4.  If I didn’t write, I’d probably be considered insane and locked up in a padded room for life.
5.  Two words: Battle. Unicorns.
6.  I love writing super tough heroines. I’m showing my daughters that girls can be the heroes of their own stories—we don’t need boys to save us. Hopefully, that message will reach other girls, too.
7.  I love talking to readers who love my books. It’s like they can see into my head and still like me!
8.  The writing community is amazingly supportive. All my best friends are writers. We help each other through the bad days and celebrate together on the good days.
9.  Writing gives me a reason to play on Pinterest. Er, research. Research on Pinterest.

10.  I give all the people in my head a life of their own, and then I let them go. Except Ari. She’s pretty stubborn and even after five books, she’s still there.

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