Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rone Awards

Earlier this year, Feudlings and Warrior Beautiful were both eligible for a Rone award--given out by the fabulous In'Dtale Magazine. Feudlings made it to the final round with five other amazing books, but Warrior Beautiful did not.


The awards were a couple weeks ago. Adorable Husband's best friend lives in Arizona, so we made a fun weekend out of it--we drove down and he drove up and we met in the middle and spent all weekend playing in Vegas.

Also, the awards.

Feudlings won!! I didn't expect it to happen. I was totally unprepared--I hadn't written a speech or anything, so of course I sounded like a dork when I went up to accept my award. Still, it was a blast, and I was so honored!

The awards theme was Paris Nights

It's Marti! Another AP author :) 

Adorable brother and Adorable Husband

Random adorable mime
Me with my award. My boots make me happy

My award. Eeeep!