Monday, May 5, 2014

Meet the Character Monday--Ashra!!

So, somehow in my search for characters to write about (I'm running low), I completely forgot my unicorns. AND since Warrior Everlasting releases tomorrow everywhere ebooks are sold, what better day to introduce Ashra?

Ashra is sarcastic and annoyed. She's not very nice and she doesn't like humans. But she's also fiercely loyal and willing to risk death to save others. And Scout somehow weasels her way into Ashra's heart, so the two form a tight bond that even Ariston can't break--created through their shared pain. And when Scout needs her most, Ashra comes through in a big way.

Okay I realize she doesn't have a horn. So just pretend, yes?
Meet Ashra:

Name: Ashra

Age: 633 years old

Book/Series: Warrior Beautiful/Riders of Paradesos

Hometown: Athens, Greece

Family: She has none. Her mate was killed by Ariston, his rider. When he died, the entire Corste line of unicorns died with him, which meant her foal died, too. She's very close to Havik and Torz, and Iros is like a human brother to her, but her pain of loss makes it difficult for anyone to get close.

Appearance: Bigger than a Clysdale, black as night. Wings with silken black feathers and a glowing horn. Her mane and tail are made of mist. She's smaller and sleeker than the other Irwarros, which might explain how she's so fast. When she fights, she wears terrifying armor with spikes and dark metal, but when the armor is off, she's beautiful. 

Best Friend: Torz. He's the third in command under Havik in the Irwarro army, and one of the few that Ashra will tolerate. However, Scout comes in a close second, despite everything Ashra does to keep her out.

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