Tuesday, February 19, 2013


SOOO Today is February 19. Feudlings comes out March 19. ONE MORE MONTH! I thought I would do something special today to celebrate (I like to celebrate. It makes me happy. Who knew?). 

So there's no acknowledgement section in Feudlings, but I wrote one, because I get confused easily...it's a long story. ANYWAY, there are a ton of people that helped me so much while I was chasing my dreams, and I wanted to share it. So here you go :)

There are so many people who held my hand on this journey, so many loved ones to thank. First and foremost, my husband, for putting up with my strange habits, letting me write instead of work, not letting me quit, and most importantly, always, always believing in me. I would have quit before I started if not for him. I love you, Blair!

My parents, who put up with so much from me through all the years. They deserve a reward for not killing me or selling me to the circus – and they say they are proud of me. Thank you for being so wonderful!

For my sisters and brother and their families, thank you for reminding me that I’m related to you, and therefore am always awesome. Thank you for reading my stories and being proud of me. And sweet Crystal, thank you for reading it over and over again and begging for more. What would I have done without all of you? And by the way, Heinz 57, baby!

And my friends, for encouraging me, for reading and critiquing, for brainstorming with me, for being my battle guru and answering my hundred questions, for sprinting with me and kicking me into gear when I don’t feel like writing. I am so grateful for all of you!

And Stephanie, for taking a chance on me and giving me hope! And the Astraea family, for being so welcoming and helpful and kind.

Finally, my kids. Thank you, sweet babies! They keep me young and alive. They remind me that we have dreams for a reason, and we should never give them up. I cannot look into their great big eyes and say I quit. I could never have told them to chase their dreams if they hadn’t given me the courage to chase mine.

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  1. That's sweet. You putting this in your acknowledgements in your book?